What any consumer should know about hiring a roofing contractor

You will want to require that a contractor has the experience and knowledge to provide only quality workmanship. You want your contractor to be responsible and reliable - someone who will still be around after the job is done. You want a contractor who offers business savvy - someone who has complete knowledge of all related safety and regulatory laws - someone who understands your concerns.

You want a roofing contractor who has expert knowledge of his trade and can bring the latest technology and most effective roofing techniques to bear for your job. You need to specify that you want a CERTIFIED ROOFING CONTRACTOR for the job.

These are usually established, qualified contractors who plan to be around for a long time. After all, a warranty is only as good as the company that offers it.

Q. Why isn't the lowest bid always the best deal?

A. There are many factors in addition to cost to consider. A roof needs to be done right the first time. Otherwise you may face high repair cost--or even have to have the roof entirely redone.

Why a Professional Commercial Contractor

A professional is recognized as a person who has a specialized body of knowledge and has received intensive training in a particular field. Another common way of determining that people are professionals is by contrasting them with amateurs, and that's exactly what we'd like to talk to you about. Roofing is a relatively "easy-entry" business. Frankly, not all roofing contractors are professionals, and too many home and building owners have paid dearly for using amateurs. You don't have to do more than glance at the Yellow Pages to see that there are hundreds of people calling themselves roofing contractors. A year-to-year comparison of the Yellow Pages will show you that many contractors do not stay in business for very long.

Because an informed customer is a good customer, find out as much as you can about the contractor you are considering. To get the job done right the first time, and to avoid costly repairs later, insist on a professional.
The roofing technology has changed markedly in the last 10 years. New roof coverings, insulation materials and innovative application techniques demand the education and expertise of a professional.

Roofing is a complicated and demanding trade. A professional roofing contractor must have knowledge of materials and building technology, and a trained and skilled work force to give the best possible service to his/her customers.